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News | 2019-05-24   TYSIM Attend BAUMA CTT RUSSIA 2019...
    BAUMA CTT RUSSIA Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center(Crocus Expo IEC) The 65-66km of the Moscow Ring Auto Road, Moscow Region, Russia BOOTH NO.:13-241 DATE:JUNE 4-7
  • TYSIM on behalf of Domestic Small Rotary Drilling Rig campaignedBauma 2019 in Germany, and got a good performance
    From 8 th to 14 th , April, 2019,the worlds largest construction machinery industry event Bauma 2019 was held in Munich, Germany.More than 3500 enterprises from more than 60 countri
  • EMGCaterpillar Olobal Sales General Manager and His Party Visit TYSIMBooth
    Its the first time that TYSIM took a small rotary drilling rig to participate in the 2019 Germany BAUMA Exhibition, which attracted industry attention. This exhibition is the first
  • China Green Small Rotary Drilling Rig Appeared at Bauma2019 in Germany
    The domestic small rotary drilling rig enters the European and American market, the TYSIM green small rotary drilling rig appeared in the European construction machinery grand cerem
  • TYSIM: Smaller, More Powerful, More Stable
    At present, As the state puts forward stricter requirements for industry norms andenvironmental protection. TYSIM continues to provide high-efficiency, reliable, durable and economi
  • TYSIM Annual Meeting Special Series | Five Years of Spring and Autumn, Hand in Hand to Move Forward
    2019 TYSIM annual meeting ison the perfect endin a happy and laughing. Looking back on 2018, TYSIM honed ahead. Looking forward to 2019, TYSIM staff will take a brand new attitude,
  • TYSIM once again shows TYSIM's Quality at abroad
    October 30 - November 1, 2018 China Machinery Industry (Russia) Exhibition was successfully held in Moscow Ruby Pavilion. This is the second time that Jiangsu Trade Promotion Commit
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