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Tysim Small Rotary Drilling Rig in Nanjing Dam Reinforcement Project

In recent years, flood prevention and disaster situation is grim, the reinforcement project of old levee is implemented in orderly. In January 2017, Tysim small rotary drilling rig had the honor to participate in the dam reinforcement project in the Qiqiao River Valley which at the Qiqiao Town, Gaochun District,Nanjing. With its reliable performance, flexible transitions, delicate fuselage and other advantages, the rotary drilling rig did excellent drilling tasks for dam reinforcement.

The total length of the project is about 4.2km, and punching hole clay impervious wall was used for it. The hole distance is 0.92m, and the wall depth is 5.5m-9.5m. The specific construction as below: firstly, to use Tysim rotary drilling rig to drill a 1.1m diameter and 9.5m depth hole. Then backfill with earth, and use tamping machine to tamp. One hole is drilled per 1meter, and hitting again between two holes after tamping a section of the dam, to drill two rows after punching hole.  Tysim transferred 2sets of KR50 and 1set of KR80 involved in the construction through enterprise customer network this time.

In the dam reinforcement, the new and old dam combination project, the biggest difficulty encountered is the embankment reinforcement construction, the filling work is narrow, the soil layer is softer and has a certain slope, and some section in the high voltage line operation. But Tysim small rotary drilling rig can be handy to this project, KR50 rotary drilling rig can finish 14 piles every day (8hours), KR80 rotary drilling rig can finish 16 piles every day (8hours). In the current time, the project is perfect according to the normal plan.
With the continuous popularization of rotary drilling, the rotary drilling rigs can be seen in a variety of projects. Tysim small rotary drilling rigs are not only in the pioneering work of the Civil Engineering project, but also constantly involved in water conservancy projects, Tysim aspires to become "first-class domestic, internationally renowned" pile machinery leader, and footsteps never stopped.