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China first small Multi-function Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig Launched in TYSIM

TYSIM launched domestic smallest rotary drilling rig KR40 at Shanghai Bauma Exhibition in November, 2016. After half one year, TYSIM launched the first small multi-function rotary drilling rig KR80M in May, 2017. The KR80M is also the first small rotary drilling rig with Kobelco chassis.

The leading self-propelled full hydraulic long spiral drilling rig,which can achieve fast moving and high efficient construction. TYSIM and Tianjin University CNC Hydraulic Technology Research Institute cooperate in the development of high performance hydraulic system and control system. And system can achieve high efficient construction and real-time monitoring of the rotary drilling rig. In strict accordance with the European safety standard EN16228, meet the requirements of dynamic and static stability, and ensure the safety of construction. This type of rotary drilling rig can deal with maximum drilling depth 12M and maximum hole diameter 600mm.

The test pile scene of KR80M drilling rig 

We invited Mr. Song Xiang who the deputy director of Wuxi High-tech Innovation Service Center in Huishan District to visit the test pile scene of KR80M drilling rig.He expressed praise for our rapid development under the support of the Branch Center and competent departments of government at all level, also with our positive response various policies positively since we settled in the park.
The scene photo of Director Song (left) from the Branch Center and the General Manager XinPeng (right) from TYSIM

TYSIM has been always holding the concept of "Focus, Create, Value", and focuses on R&D and manufacture small rotary drilling rigs and other pile foundation construction products. We continue to break through the traditional model and take initiative to cooperate with all parties. The KR80M series small multi-function hydraulic rotary drilling rig fills up the blank space in the domestic industry. We still maintain and expand the leading product technology and market leading-edge to promote the domestic civil construction of pile foundation of the upgrade.