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TYSIM KR150 rotary drilling rig participates in the project construction of “Fishing and light complementary “photovoltaic power generation in Zhejiang

Recently, the TYSIM KR150 rotary drilling rig was appreciated by customer in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Its low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient transportation and other characteristics won the customer favorite. The construction of the project is near the reservoir. The geological situation is rather special, about one meter depth is soft soil, then drilling down is mud stone,construction depth 3m, drilling diameter 400mm, the construction project is "fishing and light complementary "Photovoltaic power generation .

The main project is located in the Yizhai Mengan Reservoir, BaiHe Town. The total investment to 190 million, and covers an area of about 569 acres. It is the largest capacity power station in Tiantai County in current . "Fishing and light complementary" project as a new energy project, in the reservoir and the ground to build photovoltaic power generation project, in the water and the ground to set up PV modules electric power generation, then use water for aquaculture and use land for agricultural planting, the formation of " up for power generation, down for fish-farming and planting "power generation mode. It is understood that the annual PV power generation capacity is about 25 million kw/h, electricity income is more than 26 million, and can reduce 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

TYSIM KR150 rotary drilling rig with drilling depth 42m, the maximum hole diameter 1300mm, and the overall weight 40T. In order to ensure completion of the project in time, customer selected the TYSIM rotary drilling rig which function is relatively large. In fact, for this kind of project, TYSIM Machinery KR50, KR80, KR90, KR125 etc can also construct smoothly. Now the country vigorously promote clean energy, there are many places in the construction of photovoltaic power plants and other clean energy projects. Small and medium sized rotary drilling rig will be widely used in these kinds of projects, And TYSIM Machinery will contribute to the country for the blue green water to a force.