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Select the product is selected partners

Looking at the domestic pile machinery enterprise, is a domestic small rotary letter focused on the development of civil engineering for drilling enterprises, annual pile engineering product patents more than and 10. The advantages of KR series of small and medium sized rotary drilling rig in the subway, elevated, residential areas such as the construction of the construction of high efficiency, reliable performance, praised by customers at home and abroad, with the country to promote the development strategy of new rural construction, new urbanization ", we expect the company to adhere to the years of" miniaturization "strategy can be obtained a broader space for development, and truly become of pile foundation construction field of new towns in China, the main equipment of small rotary drilling rig.
We have been committed to the piling machine and supporting product development, manufacturing and sales, products have covered the whole transport system of rotary drilling rig, hydraulic driven pile cutting machine, mechanical continuous wall grab, grab the telescopic arm and other types of piling machinery products. Thai machinery is not the pursuit of scale, share less than industry giants, but has always been the pursuit of the professional thing to do, make professional products, to provide customers with cost-effective products, the performance and reliability of products do not lose in any domestic brands. Until now, not only the performance of existing customers for the company's products Jiaokou praise, even domestic manufacturers are also on the Thai professional standard of products expressed admiration. Thai machinery always has its own clear consciousness: the company can develop its core competence is the professional products and professional service team, which is based on the Thai machinery major.
Any professional enterprise, the team is the core competitiveness of the company. As a new machine that Thai enterprises, product segmentation, want to do better the domestic small rotary drilling rig, must have their own professional team, must have the machine design, hydraulic, electrical control design, system debugging method, study professional ability. So the team members are Thai machinery industry for many years "industry", and it is in the first years of painstaking work, study the technical positions in the old employees, any enterprise is rare human wealth. Such a team based support, only the customer satisfaction, let the image of the industry and the status of peer attention. Once a typical example is that in 2012 Shanghai and 2014 Shanghai BMW BMW exhibition show, industry renowned Bauer's engineers have access to the booth of a series of KR rotary drilling rig and communicate together, so that peer surprised.

With the foundation of the professional team, the Thai do domestic KP series mechanical pile cutting machine and a variety of industries is preferred; do two sets of rotary drilling in Central America, reliable construction year, piling 4000 records; do a small rotary drilling rig into the rock in Chongqing and the whole core of success; do the export of 8 countries include Russia and Australia excellence developed countries; do pile cutting machine series products have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and other more than and 30 countries of the industry record; at the same time was elected to China water conservancy and hydropower project group overseas equipment suppliers; bring a beautiful the color performance mechanical drilling rig to 2015 Yasunobu small industry winter, but also to bring peer successful market segmentation, the intensive and meticulous farming.
We know that customers buy our products are to use the product to make money and their families, only products for customers to create value, enterprises have long-term vitality. The fact is, customers can not fully understand the product or the manufacturer can fully demonstrate the performance of their products. So, whenever I hear or see a certain client investment bought what rotary drilling rig, but because of frequent failure can not drill construction, leading to the cause of stagnation and even fall into the endless wrangling and manufacturers of examples, we all secretly remind and told myself: "damage to the customer is damage to enterprises". In fact, in recent years has invested most of the new enterprise into rash and too much in haste pile foundation industry, out for not understanding the product, poor reliability and crashed.
Therefore, the selection of products is selected, is to choose the partners, customers choose Thai machinery products, to do is to recognize and choose our Thai machinery as a whole team of professionals, until we as a long-term partner. Therefore, professional and sincere service is our fundamental guarantee to create value for customers, we only persevere adhere to professional development road of their own, will get more customer recognition and trust, to win-win with customers and common development. It is also has been adhering to this attitude, has won the domestic and foreign customers to choose the identity and Taishin machinery rotary drilling rig, was chosen to give us your encouragement and motivation.
Thai machinery will continue to pile experts "to be trustworthy, the manufacturing industry product quality excellence" as the highest goal, adhering to the "focus on the core concept of value creation, focusing on the development of pile products, continue along their" dedicated, professional "road, with our sincere for every customers, employees, customers, and create a win-win business platform for enterprises.
We firmly believe that "there is a payoff, the success is out of", we will, as always, look forward to the broad masses of customer recognition and trust, looking forward to the customer's choice.

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